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What is a 1/4 Handicap Bet? Tips for Betting on Football Like a Pro

In football betting, the 1/4 Handicap bet is a very familiar type of bet for professionals. This bet is also known as a half handicap bet. In the following article, let's explore in detail about this popular type of bet with football betting tips telegram channel!


The 1/4 Handicap bet is often represented by some bookmakers as 0.25, or 0 - 0.5. You can understand that the 1/4 bet is a form where the team on the upper side is considered stronger than the team on the lower side. The team on the upper side will give a handicap to the team on the lower side when they win half of the bet.

In this scenario, you accept the bet for the team on the upper side. If the upper side wins, the player wins. If the two teams draw, you will lose half of the bet amount, and if you bet and lose, you will naturally lose the entire bet amount. In the case where the player wants to bet for the team on the lower side of the 1/4 Handicap, it will be the opposite.


The 1/4 Handicap is very familiar to football betting experts. Below is an illustrative example to help you better understand the 1/4 bet.

Let's consider the odds from bookmakers for the match between Atletico Madrid and Leipzig. In this match, Atletico is favored and has a 0.25 handicap against Leipzig. If you bet on Atletico and the match results are:

  • In the case of a draw, the player will lose half the amount. If you bet 200,000 VND, you will lose 100,000 VND.

  • If Atletico Madrid loses the match, you will lose the entire bet amount. If you bet 200,000 VND, you will lose 200,000 VND.

  • When Atletico wins, you will win the entire bet amount. Betting 100,000 VND to win 100,000 VND x odds (0.970) = 97,000 VND.

  • If you bet on the underdog RB Leipzig, it will be calculated in reverse using the same formula.


The half ball odds is one of the terms that can easily cause confusion among the most popular types of football bets. The confusion arises from the name as players often mix up between half ball odds (0.25 or ¼) and half ball odds (also known as 0 odds).

In football betting, the characteristic of each match is not to have too many points scored, divided into multiples of 0.25 (0.25; 0.5; 0.75; 1). It is termed special because in some sports like basketball, bets are only divided into multiples of 0.5.

Therefore, half ball odds is a type of 1/4 Handicap bet. This is one of the most basic bets that betting enthusiasts need to understand. Apart from its formal name, some people around the world also refer to this type of bet as "draw, lose half", a name that is based on its actual essence: When the result is a draw, the bettor on the upper side will lose half of the amount bet.


For newcomers to sports betting, they will definitely encounter many difficulties when placing bets. Currently, the 1/4 bet is quite popular and is widely used by many players in matches. In addition to the objective factors of the matches, players also need to understand some tips to have better winning opportunities.

Even for players with many years of experience in this sport, winning at this odds ratio is not easy. However, you can still equip yourself with experiences to apply to each match.

In situations where the home team has a 1/4 Handicap, you should choose the home team. Because they always have more advantages and benefits than the away team. The first thing relates to the fans and the second is about weather conditions or the playing field. This helps the home team have more opportunities to win.


If the away team is the one with the handicap, you shouldn't choose the home team to bet on. In football, nobody can sure home win prediction for tomorrow what will happen. Everything is highly unpredictable and may not be within your calculations. Therefore, you should consider multiple factors before making a betting decision.

When betting, you need to refer to the starting lineup of both teams. Any team with a better attacking performance should be the one you bet on. Moreover, you should also analyze the starting lineup, performance, and scoring ability of both teams carefully. From there, you will have the most accurate choice for yourself.

The article from Wintips has helped you understand more about the Asian Handicap 1/4 bet. Players should thoroughly research and consider the previous matches of both teams to make the most accurate decision. However, you also need to play responsibly and know when to stop to avoid affecting your health! Read more: Today's Top corner betting strategy Summary

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