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Understanding Rebates in Sports Betting: Unveiling the World of Grass Money

In the realm of sports betting, avid gamblers often fixate on odds provided by bookmakers, disregarding a valuable currency – grass money. This form of remuneration, also known as commission or rebates, is bestowed upon bettors by betting platforms. However, its significance is frequently underestimated. Notably, players can accrue grass money even in the event of a lost wager. This article win tips endeavors to shed light on the intricacies of grass money, exploring its definition, calculation methods, and strategies for optimal utilization.

What is Grass Money?

Grass money, or commission, is the refund that top 100 bookmaker offer to bettors based on a percentage of the total amount wagered. The calculation of grass money varies between betting programs and memberships, as well as among different bookmakers.

In the early days of online football betting, platforms used fixed commission amounts, also known as advertising fees for agents. Today, the proliferation of betting platforms provides convenient opportunities for participation.

Determining Grass Money:

Each bookmaker employs a unique approach to determining grass money, typically ranging from 0.2% to 1% of the total wagered amount. VIP players often enjoy higher rebate rates compared to novice bettors.

The calculation methods for grass money differ among bookmakers. Rebates are commonly applied to promotional programs during specific events and can extend up to 30 days. Conversely, some platforms reserve grass money for short periods and specific games. Bettors must familiarize themselves with each platform's policies regarding grass money percentages and operational procedures.

Although the percentage of grass money may seem low, substantial winnings can be achieved with significant wagers. For instance, if a bettor places a total bet of 300 million dong in a week and earns a 0.4% rebate, the amount refunded would be 1,200,000 dong.

Optimal Grass Money Strategies:

With advancements in technology, the development of grass money trading software has grown exponentially. These proven tools assist bettors in swiftly and successfully earning grass money through simultaneous betting on two platforms with varying rebate rates.

Three widely employed techniques for grass money accumulation include:

Utilizing grass money scraping software for diverse networks.

Identifying matches with significant odds differences among platforms.

Exploiting bookmakers' cashback promotions.

While the risk of losing capital is minimal with these grass money strategies, bettors must carefully select matches with comparable odds, considering that bookmakers frequently adjust odds before match commencement.

Earning Grass Money in Football Betting:

Experienced football bettors during the Euro season deploy various effective strategies to accumulate grass money, notably:

Engaging with multiple bookmakers to exploit odds differentials.

Participating in cashback promotions.

The use of grass money scraping software has become less suitable due to bookmaker free calculating profits, redirecting focus towards utilizing machines to place under/over bets across a series of matches. This ensures optimal returns on drawn bets.

Participating in cashback promotions often requires bettors to wager a predetermined amount at the casino, with the platform subsequently reimbursing the lost amount. The refunded amount may be determined based on the total wagered, regardless of the bettor's outcome.


In the multifaceted landscape of sports betting, grass money emerges as a crucial element that demands acknowledgment and strategic utilization. From comprehending its definition to implementing effective strategies, this comprehensive exploration seeks to equip bettors with the knowledge needed to navigate and capitalize on the realm of grass money in the world of sports betting.

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